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ill probably deactivate this account once my pm runs out so, there is that
i mean ill be active on tumblr bc, im much more active there but i dont feel comfortable giving it out to........literally anyone and also going on skype makes me super fucking uncomfortable so im not there anymore so ya, i might remake but then again who knows!! i hate this shit website 
my memory is shite :')
anyway. here they are they are my sons and i love them pleas. help me destroy thme

i will still use my old one but i dont feel comfortable sharing that one here. anyway, follow me pleas
rkzn is holding a raffle ! please check it out, his art is absolutely amazing !
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i was tagged by Shariin 


- you have to say the name of the character which (or who) is most related to the sentence.

- you must answer either with explanations or just putting the name.

- you can't leave any question blank unless you don't understand them 

- have fun!

- tag 5 people when you finish.

1. the best (generally speaking)

heylel is a pretty great character imho. hes literal garbage but hes a good character. i think

2. the worst (generally speaking)

alastair lmfao, i had great plans for him but alas, 2015 was Not my year

3. the sweetest

tovi. nima is a very close second though.

4. the maddest

heylel if you mean mad as in /insane/, faust or connor if you mean mad as in angry/easy to anger

5. the most rule-breaker

heiki has never done a legal thing in his life and fully intends to continue that way

6. the most powerful

x. he needs a new name and  design come to think of it.

sariel can literally kill by touch, and michael is an archangel, so there’s that.

politically speaking, then theodore takes the cake, and seth is pretty powerful in underground circles, same with ivan.

7. the most useless

nima lol

8. the tallest

ivan probably? he’s like 7 feet tall. heylel as a dragon is uh, about 20 feet tall? 

9. the shortest

uh. tovi probably they’re like. 5’1 or so. (and like 23 inches as a dragon)

10. the strongest

uh. ‘mgonna say heylel. 

11. the one who eats the most


12. the one who cries the most

cahel or nima

13. the one who screams the most

atiya is a fucking bird

14. the quietest

merrick or rune 

15. the creepiest


16. the prettiest

uh. im gonna say either tovi, lafayette or crowley. or maybe the angels just because. theyre angels

17. the ugliest


18. the kindest

tovi or mer. they’re beautiful cinnamon rolls i love destroying them.

19. the most practical

what theyre all fucking useless

20. the smartest


21. the one who sleeps the most

nero haha. anyway, hes dying.

nima is a close second cos hes a babby tiger

22. the one with the worst past

i mean atiya and nima saw their parents get shot and killed in front of them, which is pretty hard to beat. tovi has been thrown around and gone from one home to another only to end up fleeing and then they ended up in heylel’s hands so.

cahel is not only a csa victim but also his mother and siblings ignored his pleas for attention which ended up with him being the way he is (a fucking mess), so he’s a strong contender for this one.

23. the one with the best past

haha. sasha probably?

24. the grimmest

kenya is a literal emo™

25. the one who is most time doing absolutely nothing

nero is a cat so there you go. he’s either sleeping or being an annoying piece of shit.

26. the one who loves science the most

gunnar or william, probably. most of my ocs are shit at science nd dont care about it at all lmfao 

27. the one who hates school the most


28. the one who loves him/herself the most

like truly love themselves or? cos all my ocs secretely (or not so secretly lmfao) hate themselves. shani is a self conceited asshole tho.

29. the one who tried to commit suicide most times

cahel or kenya

30. the one who get drunk more often

maverick lol

31. the one who needs more drugs

kenya. maybe cahel or shirō

32. the most unhealthy

kenya or maverick…eiran too mayhap. 

i mean i’m not counting nero or heiki or hatori cos those three are sick n dying so.

33. the most healthy

tovi has the healthiest LIFESTYLE, more so in the modern au, but they're not the healthiest…that’s probably uh, nima? or maybe misha lol that kid is indescructible 

34. the dirtiest

what exactly do you mean lol???????? dirty as in having a dirty mind or dirty as in living in a dirty place/not caring about hygiene lol??????????

having a dirty mind: heylel. hes disgustening

not caring about hygiene: ?????? who knows !!! probably cahel when hes having Bad Mental Health Days™ 

35. the most neutral

merrick cos he hates conflict

36. the one who enjoys the most social events

crowley or sasha or heiki

37. the one who hates the most social events


38. the most asocial


39. the most skilled (generally speaking)

no one theyre all idiots

40. the one who enjoys music the most

crowley or dakota

41. the most hateful

kenya. heylel.

42. the most trustless


43. the one who gives more ideas

do you mean like. good ideas or bad ideas. cos pal;

good ideas: white noise

bad ideas: heiki. zach. gunnar. misha. 

44. the one you honestly hate the most

maverick also gunnie is becoming a close second haha. kill me. 

45. the one you honestly love the most

kenya is super fucking #relatable™, but other than him, nima, sergei, heiki. rune is beautiful but hes far from being one of my most loved ones. sorry pal.

46. the one you honestly want to kill

gunnar and maverick i mean. what the fuck. they are the two i hate the most right now.

47. the one you'd love to meet in real life

none they’d all hate me 

48. the most tortured

they've all been through a lot of shit dont make me pick one,, by physical torture tovi wins again tho.

49. the most common

uh,,,,,,,,tyler. maybe lan(thanum)

50. which one have you mentioned the most in the meme?

idk idc

im not tagging anyone but ye feel free to do this if you want to 

ive been listening to lots of undertale covers, and i genuinely dont know why. i havent even played the game, havent seen any playthrough or anything, and i'm not planning to either 

what can i say, i love ocs

1. Para las primeras 10 personas que comenten esto les voy a hacer el feature de uno de sus personajes, veré su galería y escogeré el OC que me guste mas y lo pondré aquí. (Puede que ponga más de uno depende el caso, a veces me es dificil elegir :c )
2. Si comentas tienes que hacer lo mismo en un journal y me tienes que poner en el primer puesto!
(its. the exact same as w/ regular art features, instead of an art piece im picking an oc ooo)

LIN MY LOVE MY LIGHT MY ANGLE, realmente la amo so much ;-; siempre fue so nice nice con su nieto (pseudonieto? ho knows) søren el magnifico macho alga TT__TT bsides,, no conozco mucho mas a tus otros ocs im so sorr OTL

probably Paz i love them theyre Cool and i lov their relationship with Crowley aaaaaa

Voice Meme - Arcamedis by Galaluss
WELP. Arcamedis goes in because I remember from when i was in pet love.....even tho we never rped i always liked his design and personality??? hes so pretty and just??? in general i really like your ocs and the vibe they have?? like they are Mysterious and just????
FDV: Marek II by Galaluss
he look smol and soft like mash potato i hope hes having a good day 

I M BAD AT THIS OK !!! BUT THESE TWO (esp Marek since i didnt know him b4hand) caught my attention the most aaaa

look at all my single sons theyre beautiful please love them,, im begging..
im,, finally done with my portfolio...
its definitely not my best but, at least its now finished 

now i just wait ahahah

alos @ mmu please fucking reply to my mails im begging
idk why i even try to be honest weall know im not getting anywhere in life n____n
guess who fiinshed their personal statement finally the only thing i have left 2 do is pay and Wait

i endedu p applying to the university of westminster in london, manchester metropolitan in.....manchester LOL and lincoln uni in lincoln aaaaaa id be happy in any of the three tbh but lincoln was added at the last minute just in case hdkf
uuuugh im kinda tempted to trade lux????? i love him hes my beautiful child and son but i dont feel like a can click with him???? it sucks because i mean, hes so beautiful???????? nd i already resold my other purrie--i mean if i trade lux im definitely trading him for another purrmaid but at the same time, 

lies down
UPDATE 3: i smashed my phone screen and, while it's usable, due to sensory processing difficulties using it makes me feel very disoriented. i cant be without my phone as i use it to calm down when i feel anxious or scared, please help me !! if you want to signal boost this i'd love you forever
Update 2: Im literally getting sick over not having money for the goddamn book please, help if you can...signal boosting this would be super appreciated !!


SUP GUYS did you know text books are expensive because I sure as hell didnt !!! haha !! i also have a trip to the united kingdom to check some unis next december and I'd like to have some extra cash to spend on gifts for family+friends !! (and if i have some spare, id like to order a chest binder,,)

anyway, due to that, i have decided to part with some characters-- the ones i sadly didnt quite click with...I might accept money/design offers (im mostly interested in dreamies and czylphs, but by all means feel free to offer me whatever you want! you never know!) on SOME of them but for the most part i would really prefer hard cash only haha

anyway, as i mentioned on the title, i have a few designs for sale, including a FMN angel by rkzn and a purrmaid by azolitmin!!! as well as a bubble baby by Sweet-n-treat and a few misc. designs from Homuah !!!
please help me here im desperate orz

if anyone could signal boost this id be super grateful, by the way !!
Resells by PRlNCETT
here's the designs !!!
disclaimer: some of those designs were purchased in my alternative acct. if anyone is curious or doesnt quite believe im the legitimate owner i can show paypal receipts no problem !!

please comment or note me if you're interested !!